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Top 10 Best Paying PTC Sites 2016 – Trusted And Legit

October 2, 2016 James M 50

Best PTC Sites of 2016! They’ve been Paying for more than 5 Years without an issue. These Top 10 Legit PTC Sites are the Most Trusted Sites in the PTC world. Check out their good qualities and gauge how much money you can make from them. One thing is for sure, they Pay without fail!

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Make Money Clicking Ads Without Investment

November 7, 2016 James M 1

What is Paid To Click or PTC? Learn how you can Earn Money by Clicking Ads, doing tasks and taking surveys from PTC Sites. Earn extra cash from them without spending a dime. It’s effortless, no technical background needed, free to join and above all it’s a legit way of making cash on the side.

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November 2, 2016 James M 0

For the past few months, PTC SITES FAN is unable to create new posts relevant to Paid To Click websites due to work related concerns. I sincerely apologize for this.

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ClixSense Review 2016 Is It Scam or Legit?

October 15, 2016 James M 10

This ClixSense Review focused on how you can earn money from their Affiliate Programs and Surveys. You will found some tips to maximize your profit from them as well, and see firsthand if ClixSense is just a waste of time or if you really have a chance of making good money from them.

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Neobux Review 2016: Is Neobux Scam or Legit?

October 3, 2016 James M 4

Neobux Review of 2016. Can you really earn money from Neobux or is it just a big scam? Some say they have been scamming members through unprofitable rented referrals but some says they’re making good money from them. What’s the truth? Check our Neobux Review to learn more.

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InnoCurrent Payment Proofs 2016

August 14, 2016 James M 0

Here’s my InnoCurrent Payment Proofs. We included a brief story of our experience with InnoCurrent, how our first account was banned and started a new one.

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ClixSense Payment Proofs 2016

August 12, 2016 James M 0

Here’s my Payment Proofs from ClixSense. It took me a while to get here but through hard work and endless promotion of this blog, I finally earn decent money from ClixSense.

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Make Money Taking Surveys from ClixSense

August 7, 2016 James M 0

Earn Money online by taking surveys from ClixSense. Make an easy $20 everyday just by taking surveys and doing simple tasks. ClixSense has lots of programs where members can earn money from, like clicking ads, doing tasks, referral program, taking surveys and cool affiliate programs.

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New PTC Sites of 2016 That Pays On Time

July 10, 2016 James M 0

These New PTC Sites have been online for less than 3 years. They are definitely Paying and they got what it takes to be one of the Top PTC Sites in the future. Join them for free and make money on the side. But just a reminder, do not invest your money yet, testing the water is recommended!

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InnoCurrent Review & Strategy – High Paying

July 1, 2016 James M 3

InnoCurrent Review and Strategy. This is a Legit High Paying PTC Site that has been online for more than 5 Years. Join them for free and enjoy their High Paying Ads or Tasks. It’s easy to earn good money from InnoCurrent because of their generous 120% commission from referrals activities.

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GPTPlanet Review and Strategy Legit PTC

July 1, 2016 James M 0

GPTPlanet is a solid PTC Site where you can earn extra cash without spending a dime. It has been paying its members for more than 6 years and never had an issue Paying. It’s not a get-rich-scheme but you can definitely make extra cash from them by viewing ads and doings simple tasks.

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BuxP Review – Another Scam or Legit PTC?

July 1, 2016 James M 2

BuxP Review of 2016 – Can you really earn money from BuxP? or is it one of the many scam sites out there? Check out our Full BuxP Review to learn more about their programs and services. Check their affiliate programs and how to earn money from them and see if it’s for you or not.

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