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22 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

November 4, 2016 James M 1

What’s The Purpose Of Social Bookmarking Sites? Let’s start by answering this most frequently asked question. If you’re looking for DoFollow links that can help you build backlinks, Social Bookmarking Sites may not be what you’re looking for. Most Social Bookmarking Read More

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Domain Transfer: 4 Things You Need To Know

November 4, 2016 James M 0

Things You Need To Know Before Transferring Your Domain Name We all have our own reasons why we want to transfer our domain name to another Domain Registrar. It could be poor customer service, lack of features, high pricing, complicated Read More

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Scarlet-Clicks & GPTPlanet Payment Proofs

November 3, 2016 James M 0

Scarlet-Clicks & GPTPlanet Payment Proofs Here’s our Scarlet-clicks and GPTPlanet payments for the year 2016. They are not high paying PTC but you can definitely earn extra cash from them. These two PTC Sites have good credibility of paying their Read More

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November 2, 2016 James M 0

For the past few weeks, PTC SITES FAN is unable to create new posts relevant to Paid To Click websites due to work related concerns.. I sincerely apologize for this. I’m not a full time blogger, my priority is still Read More

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BuxP Payment Proofs

November 2, 2016 James M 0

Hi everyone! Here’s our BuxP payment proofs for the year 2016, it’s not much but we’re making extra cash from BuxP and they never missed to pay us. I hope everyone is doing fine! Stay awesome!

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SEO 101: 5 Free Keyword Rank Checker Online

October 5, 2016 James M 0

5 Free Keyword Rank Tracker Online There’s nothing wrong with checking your keyword rank manually from Google, but it consumes time and the keyword rank that you can see might be totally different from what others have. Keyword rank depends on many Read More

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ClixSense Got Hacked! Redirects To A Porn Site

September 4, 2016 James M 6

I created this post to provide the update from Jim Grago himself on a recent incident about ClixSense’s domain getting redirected to a porn site. ClixSense has always been one of the most targeted websites by hackers due to its popularity. Today, they succeeded Read More

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InnoCurrent Payment Proofs

August 14, 2016 James M 0

InnoCurrent Payment Proofs Hi everyone! Here’s my InnoCurrent Payment Proofs. All payments on the Month of May were credited on my first account. It was banned due to “Proxy/VPN” utilization (my fault). What happened was, I turned on the “Data Saver” Read More

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ClixSense Payment Proofs

August 12, 2016 James M 0

ClixSense Payment Proofs Here’s my Payment Proofs from ClixSense. I did not include some old payouts and decided to start on the month of June since this is when it all started to come into place. I struggled for a long time Read More

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GPTPlanet Review and Strategy Legit PTC

July 1, 2016 James M 0

Let’s start by answering FAQs about GPTPlanet and PTC What is GPTPlanet? GPTPlanet is a trusted “Paid To Click” website or PTC Site. You can earn extra cash from PTC by clicking ads and doing simple tasks from their website. Members Read More

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Scarlet-Clicks Review and Strategy Legit PTC

June 20, 2016 James M 1

For those who are new to PTC niche, here’s the answer to most frequently asked questions about Paid to Click and Scarlet-Clicks What is Scarlet-Clicks? Scarlet-Clicks is a long standing “Paid To Click” website or PTC Site where you can Read More

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