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ClixSense Got Hacked! Redirects To A Porn Site

ClixSense Got Hacked! Redirects To A Porn Site

I created this post to provide the update from Jim Grago himself on a recent incident about ClixSense’s domain getting redirected to a porn site.

ClixSense has always been one of the most targeted websites by hackers due to its popularity. Today, they succeeded on spoofing their DNS and managed to redirect their domain name to a porn site.

Jim Grago the admin of ClixSense clarified that this is definitely a DNS hack, the hackers took over the DNS account and changed thier DNS setting but their data base servers remain uninfected.

Here’s Jim’s message to everyone regarding this recent issue.

Hello Everyone, first let me apologize for the issues today. Over the last several weeks we have been the target of a hacker who I believe first created the bot csadviewer and then moved on to submitting ads that when a viewer opened an attachment that popped up they got infected and their PC was compromised. Today, this hacker changed our DNS to a wonderful gay porn site. They removed our websites and email and of course with it being Sunday its hard to get any support. My phone has been ringing off the hook and my email blowing up. Please do not call or write in. We’re definitely aware of this problem.


The ClixSense servers were not hacked and all of our servers are still intact and your account information was not effected. As I said above, its a DNS hack. It may take a bit for the site to come back online due to propagation but it will be back as soon as possible. I have a close friend who works with the FBI Cyber Crimes who I will reach out to later today and let them know as we’re going to open an investigation on this.

Again, I am sorry this happened and it’s certainly not the way I planned to start my Sunday.

Jim Grago

This means that all earnings, member profiles, advertisements, referrals etc. are all safe. DNS spoofing will only infect domain names and be redirected to other websites with malicious content or malware(exactly what happened today).

It’s expected that their website will be up and running within the next 24 hours.

We’ll try to provide more information once we have new updates.

Issue still on going but Jim mentioned that it works fine now on some members. Clearing browser’s cache or trying Incognito window might help.

ClixSense now redirects some customers to Google Search page..

ClixSense is back Online! Try Incognito or Clear your browser’s cache!

After going back online from a DNS hack, Clixsense’s website went down again.

This time it’s a 502 error which is often an issue between servers.  Though there are few instances that it’s just a device concern.

We don’t know the exact reason of this 502 error yet but we will keep everyone updated.

Hopefully this isn’t something serious..

September 5, 2016

It works fine again! Good thing Nothing serious happened! 🙂