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Elite PTC List

PTC industry doesn’t have a good credibility, because there are only few legit and genuine PTC sites. Most of them will run away with their members money after few months and some will shut down  because they’re unable to sustain their website. I was scammed before because I believed everything those websites have promised. I must admit, I was naive for believing them.

Legit and Genuine PTC Sites
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But ever since that experience, I never joined a site that isn’t trustworthy and stable. I only join those who have been online for several years (recommended at least 3 years) and continuously pay their members without an issue. this will minimize that chance of us getting scammed. In this industry, only time can tell if a PTC site is legit or not.

In my continuous search of Genuine PTC sites in the business, I came across some reliable websites and blogs which I considered “Experts” when it comes to PTC niche. I decided to gather their list of genuine PTC sites, to let everyone know that these websites are the real deal.

This is “THE” list of Genuine PTC Sites that really pay, hand picked by The Most Trusted PTC Experts. These sites have passed the test of time, and never missed to pay their members.

List of Genuine PTC Sites – Elite List



Most PTC sites fanatics will agree when I say that PTC Central is the most trusted PTC sites expert today, simply because their reviews are fair and very objective. They don’t say that a PTC site is legit or scam just because of intuition, instead they provide evidence and proofs to backup their claims.

PTC Central has a short list of genuine PTC sites with detailed reviews of them. There are other sites that can be considered as Legitimate PTC sites by many, but they did not include them because they did not meet their criteria. It’s not easy to get into their short list of Established PTC sites, only the best of the best can get in there.

They also identified a handful of Sites to avoid through scrutinizing investigation and reliable evidence. I admire their dedication in providing fair and objective reviews. This is definitely my favorite among everyone on this list, period.

Let’s check the criteria on how to be included on their short list of Established PTC sites:
“To get the established badge, a site must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Must be online and paying continuously for at least 2 years
  • Paying on time, according to their Terms of Service
  • Should offer a solid earning potential or various earning features through which users can actually earn in a reasonable time
  • Need to have a stable business plan, without back and forth changes
  • The forum (if the site does have one) must be well maintained and the owner/manager/moderators must be active and provide support on the forum. Sites with “ghost” forums will not be eligible for the Established list.
  • Customer support must be responsive. Sites that doesn’t respond to support tickets in timely manner will not be eligible for the Established list.
  • Need to have a solid members base (e.g. No small sites with 1000-2000 members only)
  • The owner/manager of the site must not be involved into previous scam sites
  • There are no other major issues”

With that said, you can rest assured that everyone on their list are trustworthy and are paying their members without any issue. By the way, their list includes some GPT sites and one Traffic Exchange which are all legit so it shouldn’t be an issue.

And without further ado, here is PTC Central’s Established PTC sites:

  • Bucks 24/7
  • BuxP
  • Cash Camel
  • CashCrate
  • CashTravel
  • Clixsense
  • EasyHits4U
  • Get-Paid
  • GPTPlanet
  • Neobux
  • Points2Shop
  • Scarlet-Clicks
  • Wordlinx

PTC central is continuously updating their list. A site may be removed or not accepted on the Established list anytime if:

  • “Stops paying
  • There are long payment delays
  • The site is paying selectively
  • The site is resetting balances/referrals
  • A connection with other scam site has been revealed
  • Low ads count
  • The support service is unresponsive, the site doesn’t respond to support tickets
  • The forum is poorly managed, the admin/moderators are inactive and doesn’t respond to members questions and concerns
  • Site is encouraging members to break other websites terms (e.g click fraud)
  • Big and abrupt changes in the site business model which will result in significantly lower earnings
  • The forum has been removed without prior notice or without a valid reason while the site is experiencing some major issues
  • Received too many legitimate complaints”

PTC Investigation has been online since December, 2009. They have a good experience doing reviews of legit PTC sites and scams alike. Since they have been in this business for many years, they were able to collect large list of Scam sites. They witnessed countless PTC sites turned to Scam and new PTC sites shut down only after a few months.

Among thousands of PTC sites today, PTC Investigation trusts only ONE genuine PTC site. This the number 1 amongst the Top PTC Sites in the business. That’s none other than “Clixsense“. They used to promote Neobux alongside Clixsense but they recently removed it from their Elite list. You can visit their website to check their reason.

Here’s their take to be included in their Elite list:
“This our elite list. This list will be small. Only the best of the best will go here. Note that being the best does not imply higher earnings. It only implies the site is still online and paying without major problems for over 2 years. As many of you know most sites do not stay online that long. If a site is still online and paying for over 2 years then obviously they are doing something right. Whether or not you agree with the earning potential.

Everyone has different needs and ideas on what a site should be. We are not going to base Elite status on earning ratios or rental averages. We feel if a site has been online and paying with no recent issues, it is an Elite Site. It is up to you to decide if the site fits your needs. We are not going to make that judgment for you.”
PTC Investigation’s Elite list:

  • Clixsense

Scam detector has the largest collection of Scam sites of all. Their list starts from year 2010 up to the recent year of 2015. We recommend to check their PTC Scam list if you want to know if a certain PTC site is scam.

Here’s the criteria why PTC sites will be added on their Scam list.

  • “Scam PTC sites, which does not pay;
  • Suspicious sites
  • Sites that are not recommended: various reasons
  • Sites which make selective payments;
  • Sites which sell dreams or promise high earnings (like as $1-10000 per click). More than $0.02 are sweet dreams (checked) );
  • Sites owned by a dubious person or old scammer;
  • Sites which cannot justified their “Total Paid” with payments proof (print screen) in forum;
  • Sites which contain viruses;
  • Sites which no has TOS or FAQ;
  • Abandoned sites
  • Sites which disappeared, closed or have domain suspended;
  • Sites which have free script, free domain or low script;
  • Sites which use a illegal license script;”

And they also have a short list of Elite PTC sites, which are:

  • Scarlet-Clicks
  • Clixsense
  • BuxP
  • GPTPlanet
  • CashTravel
  • Cash Camel

PTC Scrutiny has been here for at least 4 years, and their one of the most trusted PTC sites experts in the business.

What I like about their website is their interviews of famous PTC sites admins like Jim Grago of Clixsense and Fernando Rato of Neobux. Check their exclusive interview of Fernando Rato, the man behind the success of Neobux.

And here’s what they have to say on how they come up with their Established PTC sites list.
“For a site to be classified as an Established Site, it must meet all of the following criteria.

  • Must be sustainable which means that the site should profit from selling ads and not from selling expensive upgrades and rentals.
  • Have no major issues and massive complaints.
  • Must be atleast 2 years old.
  • Paying on time as per their Terms.”

PTC Scrutiny’s Established list:

  • Clixsense
  • Neobux
  • Wordlinx
  • SwagBucks
  • LogiPTC
  • EasyHits4u

Clixsensesuccess is just a year old website, but their members have lots of experience about PTC sites, and they never promoted a suspicious PTC sites ever. Their team’s goal is to help the newbies to earn money from their Legit PTC sites. Just like the others they only promote PTC sites they trust.

Here’s what they say about their Best PTC sites list, it’s simple and sweet.
“It has to be over three years old, with a steady stream of new members and paying without any problems.”

  • Clixsense
  • BuxP
  • Wordlinx
  • Neobux
  • Cash Camel
  • GPTPlanet
  • Scarlet-Clicks

Moneyconnexion is not all about PTC sites, they also promote other ways to earn money online. They are knowledgeable and has a lot of experience with make money online niche, and they are definitely one of the most trusted PTC sites experts today.

Here’s their short list of most trusted PTC sites and their short statement why they chose them:
“We have done a complete research & have received number of payments from these PTC sites.”

  • Clixsense
  • Paidverts
  • Neobux
  • InboxDollar
  • BuxP

Of course, last but not the least is our very own PTC SITES FAN! 😀

We only recommend the Top PTC Sites who have been online for more than 5 years and never missed to pay all of their members. We also considered the credibility and profitability of each website.

Here’s our Top 10 Best Paying PTC Sites list:

  • Clixsense
  • Neobux
  • BuxP
  • Scarlet-Clicks
  • GPTPlanet
  • JillsClickCorner
  • DonkeyMails

Wrap Up
To wrap this up, The PTC experts have spoken and we heard them loud and clear. They only recommend those established and stable PTC / GPT sites. If you noticed, there are only few websites on their list who are less than 2 years of age, and the rest have been online for more than 4 years. Like what I have mentioned in the beginning of this blog, “only time can tell if a PTC site is legit or not”, it’s always too early to say that a PTC site is legit when it’s only been around for less than a year. So the safe route to success is to join established PTC sites, and do not gamble on new sites.

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Let me know what you think guys. And tell me if you know other reliable PTC Experts that you trust. Share what you know and let’s help each other earn money from these Legit and Genuine PTC sites! 😀