8 Best Ways To Get Referrals For PTC Sites

How To Get Referrals For PTC Sites?

There are literally lots of ways to get referrals online and offline, but I only emphasize those steps that worked for me so far. I do not want to waste your time doing something that may not work so this is just a short list.

Here are my proven and tested ways to get direct referrals.

1. Create A Blog. (Most Recommended!)

This is the most effective way to get free quality referrals every single day. Free traffic to your blog will give you “Active referrals” who can help make good money from PTC Sites.

Making a blog and making it rank in the first page of Search Engines may take a while to accomplish but it has tons of benefits and advantages. It can generate serious income online not just from PTC but also through Affiliate products and ads selling, so I say it’s definitely worth the wait.

As a beginner you can create your own blog using free web hosting services such as Blogger, Weebly, Wix, WordPress, Squarespace etc.

2. Buy Ads From Other PTC.

Buying cheap ad packages from other PTC Sites works most of the time, this is another good way of getting active referrals. I recommend to buy Grid advertisements from ClixSense, ClixTenGPTPlanet and Scarlet-Clicks.

Instead of advertising 1 referral link, I recommended to create a Custom page which consists of your Favorite PTC Sites with a Big Bold Red Title like The Best PTC Sites Today!Highest Paying PTC Sites! or Make $20 Per Day! Free Sign up!. This kind of titles catches viewers attention and make them read what’s on your page.

This tactics can score multiple referrals for each viewers.

3. Invite Someone You know With The Same Interest (Make Money).

This step is not the preferred choice of many users but it’s one of the most effective way to get Active referrals. If you know someone who likes MLM or Make Money Online then invite them right away, it will be easy to make them join PTC Sites because it’s free. And since you have direct contact with your referrals, you can motivate them to keep them active.

Refer your friends and colleagues ONLY to those Legit PTC Sites that you truly trust. Keeping your credibility is the first priority when referring someone you know. In addition, don’t bother your friends who has no interest at all of earning extra cash online, there’s a high chance that they will decline your invitation. Invite them when you’re Successful and have something to show them.

4. Paid Ads from Adhitz.

Adhitz is a PPC network which provides traffic for all sorts of niches, it’s owned by James Grago the same admin of ClixSense. This is another good source of cheap quality traffic that provides active referrals.

You can buy cheap Text and Banner Network ads which costs as low as $0.06 per click, or buy Site Specific Ads from well-known websites with good traffic.

If you decided to buy their banner ads, you can create free banners from BannerSnack and My Banner Maker.

If you’re trying to promote well-known PTC Sites like ClixSense and Neobux, you might have a hard time acquiring referrals due to saturation. Those two are being promoted by most PTC users everywhere so it’s hard to get referrals for those two even through advertising.

Your best chance is to buy Fixed advertisements which is proven good source of referrals But it’s extremely expensive.

This where we recommend to check this Creative PTC Guide where you can find other ways to get referrals. It teaches how to get hundreds of referrals through free and paid techniques.

5. Promote Links on PTC Forums.

Forums like EmoneySpace and TalkPTC are my favorite PTC forums where to get referrals, and at the same time they provide tons of information about PTC. They have Downline Builders, Referral Exchanges and Free Advertising section where you can freely promote your referral links and get a couple of them.

However, they have strict policies when it comes to spamming. If you spam your referrals on non related topics or threads, your account may get banned.

Promoting popular sites like ClixSense and Neobux from Forums may get poor results. The reason is popular sites are already saturated which means most Forum users are already their members, promoting New PTC Sites on the other hand may have better results.

6. Utilize Social Media Networks.

Create your own Fan Page or Public Group through popular Social Media Networks like Facebook and Google Plus. Use Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest and others  as well to build your audience.

Social Media is a good source of free referrals but it’s hard to see results if you will only spam your links. “Build your credibility” first! become someone who can be trusted and you it will be easy for you to get referrals.

I’m not active on Social Media but I’m still getting few referrals from my posts. Providing helpful information before throwing my link is one of my best practices.

7. Create Product Reviews.

I did several PTC reviews on my blog and it worked really well for me. I targeted long tail keywords (non-competitive keywords) and got few referrals without waiting months. It’s a good source of quality traffic and referrals.

I haven’t done Video reviews yet, but I may try it soon to test how effective it is. I’ll post it here once I have one.

8. Use Traffic Exchanges.

Using free Traffic exchanges like EasyHits4U and Hitleap can generate several referrals every now and then. I recruited few members for free and I made few bucks from EasyHits4U while promoting my referral links, so I have nothing to complain about it.

It’s one of those tested sources where you can get free referrals.

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I will add more tips on this post as I discover new ways to get more referrals! More power to everyone! 🙂

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