New PTC Sites of 2016 That Pays On Time

New PTC Sites of 2016 That Pays On Time

These New PTC Sites have been online for less than 3 years, they are definitely Paying and they got what it takes to be one of the Top PTC Sites in the future.

Just a reminder, do not invest too much money on rented referrals and membership upgrades right away, we recommend to test them first to see if they are good for you or not.

All these sites are trusted by many but they need to focus on attracting more advertisers to make their business stable, and focus on improving their business structure. Otherwise, they may become one of those good PTC Sites who were not able to sustain their website.

Anyhow, one thing is for sure, this New PTC Sites are promising and they are Paying!

New PTC Sites 2016 That Pays On Time

GrandClick GrandClick
GrandBux GrandBux
Buxvertise Buxvertise
Okik Okik
LegacyClix LegacyClix
TheBuxer GrandBux
GrandMonopoly GrandBux


GrandClick is one of the most promising New PTC Sites today, it’s been online for 2 years but never had an issue paying their members.

What we like about it is you can still get commission from referrals activity even if you did not click a single advertisement, this is one of our favorite features from EvolutionScript.

Another one of the most popular New PTC Sites due to high click rate from Rented Referrals. GrandBux so far has the highest average click rate among all PTC Sites that we have encountered.

Many members are making profit from their Renter referrals as we speak. Though we do not know how long will it stay that way, one thing is for sure, they do Pay their members.

One of the most popular rising PTC Site today is Buxvertise. It’s being promoted all over the PTC world and tons of payment proofs are being posted online.

It has been online for more than 2 years and continuously growing.

Is a generous PTC Site which provides 6 guaranteed Standard Ads worth $0.005 each. Your average income from Okik is an easy $0.04 per day.

The most important thing about Okik is it pays on time, it became popular to many PTC fanatics due to this reason.

LegacyClix is another one of those New PTC Sites with a bright future. It never missed to pay their members for more than 2 years and never had an issue with their website.

Their business looks stable due to minimal Self-sponsored ads with enough advertisers.

TheBuxer and GrandMonopoly
These two are sister sites of GrandClick which are being managed by the same admin. Those three have the same style and business structure, all using EvolutionScript.

Both are solid New PTC Sites which will let you earn extra cash online.

For now, these are all the new PTC Sites that we gathered with good credibility. We’ll keep updating this list from time to time. If you have suggestions, feel free to let us know 🙂

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New PTC Sites of 2016 That Pays On Time
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