InnoCurrent Payment Proofs

InnoCurrent Payment Proofs

Hi everyone! Here’s my InnoCurrent Payment Proofs. All payments on the Month of May were credited on my first account. It was banned due to “Proxy/VPN” utilization (my fault).

What happened was, I turned on the “Data Saver” feature on my Smart Phone to lessen my mobile data usage, but I’m not aware that it will use some kind of Proxy (not sure what or how) which leads to the suspension of my account.

I only discovered it when I logged in to my ClixSense account and got a message that I’m using Proxy/VPN. I opened a ticket with them and immediately got a response from one of their Support Representative that I might be using a “Data Saver” on my Smart phone. Spot On!

To make the story short, I lost all my pending payout worth $40 including my 500+ referrals. I contacted InnoCurrent but they cannot give them back anymore.

I have no time to cry over spilled milk (especially when it’s my mistake) so I created my second account right away and went back to business.

All payments starting from June were credited to my second account. Good thing I’m allowed to create another one if the original got suspended. InnoCurrent is really strict with their Terms of Service, but they always pay.

Without further ado. Here’s our InnoCurrent Payment Proofs.

August 2016 Payments

July 2016 Payments

June 2016 Payments

May 2016 Payments

Just in case you’re wondering why the payments have the same dates, it’s because InnoCurrent Pays in Bulk.

That’s all we have at the moment but we will continue to add more as we receive new payments from InnoCurrent. Take care everyone!