ClixSense Review 2016 Is It Scam or Legit?

What Is ClixSense?
ClixSense is a PTC Site where you can earn money by viewing ads, doing simple tasks and taking surveys. You can also advertise you website or product from them for a reasonable price.

How To Earn From ClixSense?
It’s easy. Sign up with ClixSense and login to your account. You can immediately start doing tasks and and taking surveys to earn extra cash.

How Am I Going To Be Paid?
You will be paid through electronic cashouts. You can choose any of the following: PayPal, Paytoo, Payza and Neteller.

Who Can Join ClixSense?
ClixSense accepts members above 16 year of age, but some countries are restricted like Afghanistan, Antarctica, China, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, and Vietnam.

Is ClixSense Free To Join?
Absolutely FREE! No hidden charges! :D.

What’s The Average Daily Income?
The overall daily income varies, it entirely depends on your activities, but the average income for PTC Ads should be $0.04 per day. While Members from Top tier countries can earn $20 per week from Paid Surveys.

ClixSense Review 2016

This ClixSense Review focused on how you can make money from their Affiliate Programs and Surveys. We also included a brief background, few tips to maximize your profit and some flaws of their website. Lastly, we answered the most frequently asked question which is “Is ClixSense Scam or Legit?”. Stick around, hope you find this review helpful.

Clixsense ReviewClixSense was established on February 2007. It was initially founded by Steven Girsky but the ownership was handed over to James Grago or Jim Grago on May 2010.

ClixSense is one of the most popular and most stable PTC / GPT sites today. There are a lot of ways to earn money from their programs and everyone has a potential to have a steady stream of income from them.

ClixSense started as a PTC site which only rely on viewing ads to earn money, but as time goes by they added more programs like completing offers, playing grid, doing tasks and taking surveys.

They transcend from a PTC website into a hybrid website (PTC / GPT), which means they offer many ways to earn money from their website other than viewing ads.

Most PTC sites today are following their footsteps by turning their businesses to a hybrid platform. Not just because it’s cool, but because it makes their business more stable and they make more money from every tasks and surveys completed by their members. In addition, it attracts PTC users to join them because they can have additional income through those programs.

Many PTC Sites claim that you can make hundreds of dollars from their website but only few of them are legit. And among those few legit websites only fraction of them can offer decent passive income, and ClixSense is one of those.

Free Sign up with ClixSense

How To Earn Money From ClixSense

There are several ways to earn money from ClixSense, which makes it very popular to most PTC fanatics. Here are their programs.

PTC ad clicks:
This is the easiest way to earn money online, you just need to click an advertisement and you will be paid for it. Easy right?

Viewing ads became popular because you don’t need technical knowledge to do it, and you only need to spend few minutes to do this job.

The average earning from PTC Ads is roughly $0.04 per day “for most countries”, but members in the “United States and top tier countries” can actually earn $1 per day from it. It means that more ads are being shown to Top tier countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany etc.

For those who are outside the top tier countries, cheer up! PTC Ads is not the only way to earn money from ClixSense. Keep reading to learn more about their programs.


Clixsense ClixGrid

How ClixGrid works? This is similar to PTC ad clicks, the only difference is you need to click the ads in the grid and view it for 10 seconds. You will not be paid for those clicks but you have a chance to win up to $10.

Based on their recent winners list, hundreds are winning $0.10 to $1.00 everyday while there are few who can win of $5. And the $10 jackpot is only meant for a 1 winner.

There’s no pattern or technique that can help you hit the jackpot, this is purely a game of luck. So good luck to everyone! 😀


Clixsense Tasks

Doing tasks is time consuming, but you can earn more from it than viewing ads. If you can make $1 from PTC ad clicks in a month, you can easily double or triple it from doing tasks.

However, unlike PTC ads, the tasks are not always available, so make sure to take advantage of it once you see one. It is another way to make more money from ClixSense.

Tasks value varies by difficulty and level. If you’re just getting started, by default your level is 0. But as you complete more tasks, your level will go up one notch at a time.

As you level up, more tasks will be available for you which pay better, but expect that those are harder than tasks for beginners. Please take note, there are some tasks that are extremely difficult, I suggest to avoid them because they will eat your time without completing anything.


Clixsense ClixOffers

ClixOffers is a program very similar to Tasks. You need to complete the task provided by following the instructions, and once you are done, you will submit the confirmation and it will be reviewed.

The payment is not instant, it will be verified and then approved if the task was done correctly. The amount of reward varies on the offer. Some give out $0.1 per offer and some give $0.02.

Just like Tasks, ClixOffers are not always available so take advantage of them while they are hot.


Clixsense Surveys

ClixSense recently partnered with many survey panels like Toluna, YourSurveys and OpinionWorld. I noticed that I’m getting more surveys every week, I used to get 1 survey per week but now I’m able to take 1-3 surveys or at least 10 surveys a month.

Most members from top tier countries can get more than that, they can earn roughly $20 from taking surveys and $5 from PTC Ads every week. The availability of PTC Ads and Surveys are Geo-targeted which gives them better opportunity to earn more.

Survey is becoming the dominant Money Making Program of ClixSense so I won’t be surprised if it will be their main attraction in the near future.

Make Money Taking Surveys from ClixSense is a good way of earning without investment.

8 Level Affiliate Program (for Premium Members):
This is my favorite program from ClixSense, this is the only program in the PTC world that will give you an opportunity to earn serious income. You won’t make money from it easily since it’s a commission based program, but it’s the real deal if you want to have a long term steady income online. Let me tell you more about it.

If you refer a friend in ClixSense and upgraded his membership ($17 very cheap!), you will automatically get $2 commision. And if this friend of yours refer a friend of his and upgraded his membership as well, you will get another $1. This process continues up to tier 8 referrals which is awesome! Basically, you will get $2 from your direct referral and $1 for tiers 2-8 referral’s upgrade.

Let me give you a better view of what I’m talking about. Let’s say we’re living in a perfect world and you managed to refer 3 of your closest friends, and they were able to do the same, and the friends of their friends up to tier 8 referrals. This is how it will look like.

Level # of Referrals Commission (per year)
Direct referral 3 $6
tier 2 9 $9
tier 3 27 $27
tier 4 81 $81
tier 5 243 $243
tier 6 729 $729
tier 7 2,187 $2,187
tier 8 6,561 $6,561
Total earnings = $9,843


Yes sir! you saw it right. This program has a potential to provide decent income by referring members. But let me reiterate that this is something we can not accomplish overnight. We need to exert more effort than you would ever image and you need patience recruiting members. We’re not living in a perfect world so not everyone will join when we ask them to. The bottom line is, you have a chance to earn decent income from ClixSense.

Clixsense ReviewThe person with most referrals in ClixSense made 21,000+ active referrals in 3 years and 10 months. Check my screenshot from the Most Active section in ClixSense.

Imagine how much he’s making from ClixSense 8-level affiliate program. My example above is for only 3 direct referrals, do the math if he has at least 25 premium active direct referrals with at least 5 direct referrals each up to tier 8. We can only imagine 🙂

The key to success to any PTC sites is “Direct referrals”. I know it’s not easy, but it will pay off in the long run.

Even if his referrals don’t upgrade their membership, he can still earn good amount of money from their activities. He will be rewarded with commissions from his referrals earnings.

Let’s talk more about it and move forward on ClixSense’s Affiliate Programs.

ClixSense Affiliate Programs
These programs are all commission based so you can earn money without doing much. Let’s check them out.

PTC Ad Clicks commission:
Your direct referral gets paid for every ad he clicks, but the sweetest part about it is, you will be paid too. More active referrals you have, more earnings for you.

Referral Signup:
This is another sweet way to earn money from ClixSense. If your referral reached $10 earning from PTC clicks, Tasks, Offers and Surveys, you will receive $1 commission. And if you’re a Premium member and your referral reached $5 earning, you will be given $2 profit! That’s one of the perks of being a Premium member.

Tasks, Offers and Surveys:
You can also earn from every tasks, offers and surveys your referrals completed. Standard members will be given 5% commission, while Premium members will get 10%. Another easy way to earn money from ClixSense.

Advertising Sales:
Last but not the least, is commission from every ad purchase your referral makes. Example, if your referral purchased a regular Ad credit, you may either get 10% commision up to $1, but if you’re a Premium member, you will instantly earn $2! 😀

8-Level Affiliate Program:
You already know how it works but I will still say it. You will receive commission for every membership upgrade of your referrals down to 8 levels deep. Sweet! 🙂

ClixSense Drawbacks
Everything I mentioned above are ways to earn money from ClixSense, they have many programs for their members to earn extra cash from. But the question is, do you have everything you need from ClixSense? I don’t think so, ClixSense is far from perfect and here are some of their drawbacks.

Slow income from PTC Ads (Outside Top tier countries):
Non-US members or those who are not in a top tier country has an estimated earnings of $1 per month from clicking ads. Without enough direct referrals, it will take ages to earn good cash from it.

Surveys and Tasks unavailability (Outside Top tier countries):
There are times that Surveys and Tasks are hard to find, and it’s just frustrating when you can’t find one. In addition, the surveys have preliminary questions to filter who’s eligible and who’s not, it means that you can be disqualified while doing it. With regard to Tasks, it takes a few days before you will be paid due to verification processes, so members tend not to do it sometimes.

No Instant Payment:
ClixSense is processing cashout request every working days, but members are only allowed to request for payment once in a week, while check payment remains once every month (Not a big deal).

Payment Threshold:
ClixSense payment threshold is a bit high compared to other PTC sites. You need to earn $8 before you can cashout, and that is something a beginner can not accomplish in a month.

ClixSense Scam or Legit? Is it a Waste of Time?

It’s true that it’s slow to earn money from ClixSense if you’re not in a top tier country and if you don’t have many referrals. This is the reason why some believe that it’s just a waste of time and effort. I won’t argue with them because they do have a point.

So, Is ClixSense a Big Scam?
My answer? – a big NO. ClixSense has its own flaws, but it’s far from being a scam site. It’s hard to earn extra cash from clicking ads alone, but if you will do some tasks and answer surveys, then you can definitely earn money on the side.

ClixSense never missed to pay a single member for the past 9 years and their business keeps getting stronger. They also have huge number of advertiser where they can generate good profit so it’s very stable.

There’s no doubt that ClixSense is a Legit PTC Site and it’s far from closing down.

But is ClixSense a Waste of Time?
If you’re not from the a top tier country who only rely on clicking ads and doesn’t have direct referrals, it maybe a waste of time. But if you like taking surveys on your free time and you know how to recruit people, then you can have passive income with ClixSense.

The key to success in this PTC Site is taking surveys and getting direct referrals. Their affiliate programs and unlimited referral system are working hand in hand to generate passive income.

Our Take?
ClixSense is not perfect but they never scammed or cheated anyone. In addition, you will only see few complaints against them compared to their competitors, and they have tons of successful members. They have passed the test of time without an issue paying so we believe that they are one of the few Top PTC Sites with good credibility.

Members from Top tier countries can easily make $20 every week from surveys and they are the only PTC Site who has 8-level affiliate program which is a good source of income in the long run. For us, ClixSense is definitely Legit and NOT a waste of time!

Free Sign up with ClixSense

Let me know what you think of ClixSense. Let’s share our best practices and help each other earn more! 😀

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        • Very Stable - Online For 9+ Years
        • It Pays On Time
        • Trusted Admin
        • Excellent Affiliate Program
        • Decent Pay from Surveys


        • Payout Threshold is a bit High ($8 Standard members)
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        • Swapna Patil

          I am working with ClixSense. It is definitely legit. 8.8 is a good score.I had lot of doubts before joining but I am happy that I did. I have written my ClixSense Journey which I would like to share with you all.

          • Hello Swapna,
            Thanks for sharing your story with us. More power to you! 🙂

        • Harsh Vasistha

          clixsense is no.1 site in the world of can blindly trust on this site
          all you have to do is get direct refferalls it is not a rocket science you can easily learn to get direct refferals and if you manage this than you can earn your passive income without doing additional work .even if u cant get direct referells you can also earn from surveys,task, unlimited offers clixgrid game where you can earn maximum of 10 $.so there are many alternatives to earn with this site .one thing i can assure about this site you can turn blind eye and join this site you will not be disappointed. thankyou

          • Thanks for your insight on ClixSense, Harsh.

            It’s exactly my thoughts. More power to you my friend!

        • Udayakumar Palani

          Clixsense is a genuine website. You have lot of options like ads, surveys, tasks, offers etc to earn money. Apart from this you can also earn through referrals. Sign up to earn.

        • Bambang Ismail

          Come on join us, Clixsense is definitely legit PTC, I have already join Clixsense with this link

        • Harsh Vasistha

          clixsense is no.1 site in the world of ptc can blindly trust on this site
          all you have to do is get direct referrals it is not a rocket science you can easily learn to get direct referrals and if you manage this than you can earn your passive income without doing additional work .even if u cant get direct referrals you can also earn from surveys,task, unlimited offers clixgrid game where you can earn maximum of 10 $.so there are many alternatives to earn with this site .one thing i can assure about this site you can turn blind eye and join this site you will not be disappointed. thankyou
          join by clicking on link

        • Harsh Vasistha

          one of the best ptc and also called king of ptc ..
          you can easily earn 50$ a day if you know the right strategy to handle the rented refferal
          just you have to invest in its upgradation and buying starting 200 referalls than just click per day and leave everything on this site ..just you have to recycle reffferal in a proper way..and have to extend their time period for 240 days ..the day you will have 2000 RR and have extended their life to 240 days ..than i can assure you one thing.On that day itself you will be earning 30$ to 40$ a day.
          you can start free or you can invest a little bit in renting first 200 refferals by both ways you can easily earn 30$ a day ..Diffrence is first way will take some time and through second way you will there with in 6 month you can turn blind eye and can join this king of ptc site