DonkeyMails Review: How Much Can You Earn?

DonkeyMails Review

Here’s our quick DonkeyMails Review for those who wants to know what is DonkeyMails and if we can really earn money from it.

What is DonkeyMails?

DonkeyMails a website where everyone can earn extra cash doing simple tasks such as clicking ads, reading emails, signing up to another site, completing offers and other online activities.

How Much can You Earn From it?

You can earn extra cash roughly few bucks a month from their website, your earning varies depending on your activity. Note: It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme!

If you want to make free extra cash, feel free to use DonkeyMails, but if you want to make serious money, this isn’t the right website for you.

Let me give you more information about it.

DonkeyMails Review

I will list down the Pros and Cons of DonkeyMails so you can have a better idea how it works and decide if this is a good site for you to earn money from.

This is just a quick run down of their Pros and Cons and our honest opinion of them.


Stable PTC: It has been around for more than 11 years and it’s still paying. This is very important to a PTC or GPT to earn the trust of their members. Most PTC sites won’t last couple of years due to lack of advertisers and mismanagement.

Paying Website: For the past 11 years, they always pay their members without major issue. There are few instances that their Payout system might be down but they will schedule an estimated date when it will back to pay everyone.

Low Payout Threshold: Anyone can withdraw their earnings through Paypal upon reaching $1, and other payment processors have even lower payout threshold. It’s really easy to cash out from them.

Unlimited Referral System: You can refer as many as you want to DonkeyMails “Sky’s the limit”. This is important for those who have an ability to refer tons of members. You can also earn money from your referrals to help you make cash on the side.

Referral Program: DonkeyMails has 5-level referral program which will allows you earn extra cash from your referrals activities down to 5 levels deep. They don’t have high commission but it’s still a plus to have a multiple level referral program.


Slow Earner: Most members can earn $0.03 everyday from their website, so your average earnings is roughly $1 per month. They don’t have high commission either so even if you have tons of referrals, you may not earn decent income from them.

There are many ways to make extra cash from them but it’s still not enough to have a decent income.

Is DonkeyMails a Scam?

No. We don’t think that they are a scam site, they have drawbacks but they always pay their members. They’ve been in this business for many years and proved that they are here to stay.

Wrap Up

Everyone can make extra cash from DonkeyMails, but if you’re looking to make $20 or $50 everyday, this isn’t the right website for you. It’s a slow earner but you can easily cash out because of their low Payout threshold.

It’s a Legit PTC or GPT which has been online for more than 11 years. It’s one of the few sites who passed the test of time and continuously paying their members.

Let me know what you think about this post or about DonkeyMails so we can try to improve this. We appreciate your feedback.










        • Stable PTC
        • Paying
        • Low Payout Threshold


        • Slow Earner