GPTPlanet Review and Strategy Legit PTC

Let’s start by answering FAQs about GPTPlanet and PTC

What is GPTPlanet?
GPTPlanet is a trusted “Paid To Click” website or PTC Site. You can earn extra cash from PTC by clicking ads and doing simple tasks from their website. Members get paid for every click and Advertisers pay the owner in exchange of placing their website in the PTC ad list.

Can you earn money from GPTPlanet?
Everyone can earn money on the side from GPTPlanet! Just need to Sign up with GPTPlanet, login to your account and click ads. That’s it.

How to get paid?
Get paid through electronic cash outs. Choose any of the following: PayPal, Payza and Perfect Money.

Who can join GPTPLanet?
Everyone can join GPTPlanet, no country restrictions.

Is it free to join?
Absolutely Free. No hidden charges! :D.

How much can I earn from GPTPlanet?
It depends how many Ads and tasks are available, but you should at least make $0.02 per day from viewing ads.

Alright, let’s head over to our GPTPlanet Review

GPTPlanet Review


What you will see from this Review is a brief background of GPTPlanet, Pros and Cons of their website and their money making programs.

GPTPlanet has been online for more than 6 years but they never had an issue paying their members. They are one of the most reliable PTC Site who passed the test of time.

GPTPlanet was launched on April 2009 by their admin Dimitris Kornelatos, he’s the same admin of Scarlet-Clicks. He’s a proven and trusted Admin, and he’s doing great managing those two top PTC Sites at the same time.

Ways To Earn Money From GPTPlanet

Here are GPTPlanet’s programs where you can earn extra cash from, these won’t make you rich but they will give you opportunity to make few bucks.

  • View Ads:
    Easiest way to earn money online is to click or view advertisement. No technical skills needed to start making extra cash.
  • GPTGrid:
    Another way to earn money by viewing ads from GPTPlanet, this time you need to click the ad from their GPTGrid and hope generous prices awaits. Everyone has a chance to earn up to $1 from GPTGrid.
  • PTC Wall:
    These are simple jobs or tasks from members anf GPTPlanet themselves. There are few sub categories on this program, those are:

    • PTC Ads – Click ads once more and you will earn more.
    • Quick Tasks – Basic jobs online, easy tasks, easy money.
    • Network Offers – Another program to do tasks from GPTPlanet like taking surveys.
  • PTSU (Paid To Sign Up):
    All you need to do is to signup with another website or program, follow instructions and wait to get paid.
  • Point Contest:
    Make sweet money from their Point Contest, the winner can make up to $300 (it varies, depends on GPTPlanet). The mechanics is simple, the person who earns the highest points in a given time wins. 10 winners will be chosen.
  • Referral Commission:
    You can make easy cash from your referrals activities. Talking about making money while seating on the couch.
  • Points:
    Earn Points from your own and your referrals activities.

Pros and Cons

Here are some of GPTPlanet’s Good and Bad side. This will give you a better view what GPTPlanet can offer to their members.


  • Online for More than 6 Years:
    A PTC Site who has been online for more than 6 Years without an issue means only one thing. It’s Legit!
  • Paying All Members on Time:
    GPTPlanet never fails to pay their members on time, which is a good sign that their business is stable and they are a Legit Site.
  • Trusted Admin:
    The admin of Scarlet-Clicks and GPTPlanet is Dimitris Kornelatos. This guy has really good credibility and trusted by PTC fanatics. He has no background of scamming people and never fails to deliver what is expected from him.
  • Low Payout Threshold:
    It’s easy to cash out from GPTPlanet due their low Payout threshold of $2.
  • Unlimited Referral:
    Unlimited referral system really works well with those who can get tons of referrals. The combination of plenty of referrals and good affiliate commission can generate good money with less effort.


  • Slow Earner for Starters:
    Members can definitely earn extra cash from GPTPlanet but it’s not much without membership upgrade and plenty of active referrals.
  • Unprofitable Rented Referrals:
    PTC SITES FAN doesn’t recommend renting referrals because most of time, it’s unprofitable. Same thing can be said with GPTPlanet’s rented referrals, it’s hard to earn money from them unless you upgrade your membership and extend the renewal to maximum period available.

Simple Tip To Succeed With GPTPlanet

Just like what we have mentioned in our other posts, Direct Referral is the key to success in this niche and not Rented Referrals. Most Rented Referrals are unprofitable, or worst, you can lose money from their monthly renewal fees.

What we recommend is to find a way to get referrals of your own by creating your blog and do SEO, advertising to other PTC Sites, utilizing social medias, joining Forums and post your links, or inviting your friends to join.

Once you have tons of referrals, update your membership to either Yearly Silver or Gold, this will boost your earning from your referrals activity. From here on out, you can expect success in GPTPlanet.

If you can be good at getting referrals, you have a great chance of succeeding on any PTC site out there. Furthermore, if you became good at blogging and SEO, you have a huge chance of having a successful online career as well.

Overall, GPTPlanet is one of the Best PTC Sites of 2016 where you can earn extra cash from. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme but everyone can earn cash from them without spending a dime. They are a Long Standing Paying PTC Site so PTC SITES FAN considers it as a LEGIT site!

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        • Online For 7+ Years
        • Pays On Time
        • Trusted Admin
        • Unlimited Referral System


        • Slow Earner
        • Unprofitable RRs