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Bad experience!

Hello,I wish to leave input on this topic. Unfortunately I don't have good experience with them, since I lost account due to allegedly Proxy access which I have never used before. I also have a PTC sites blog and I wished to review them, so I never had an intention to use Proxy or VPN with any PTC site. I've been swimming in these waters for 5 years now. That's all but it doesn't need to mean that they are indeed scam. Mistakes happen, however, they didn't want to reconsider their decision after several emails I sent to them..


GrandBux was launched on 30 march 2014 is a trusted and Registered Californian Company (Grandteam LLC) in USA (Based in Santa Monica) Paid to click website.Steadily growing site with lots of active members (registered more 310.000) and Instant Payments (Paid more $2.085.500)This site allows you to earn money at home. There are many ways to make money for free members do not require an investment of money. Also, this site will be a good choice to invest money.In GrandBux you have a serious opportunity to make constant earnings day after day. Grandbux is one of the Best PTC on the market with very high quality Rented Referrals.Grandbux is a USA registered website.Its a old and paying website and its a world's no 1 website.I have joined that webste in dec-16 and now i am upgraded member with 500 rented referrals and i have earned 185 usd.everyone must join that website to earn some parttime income.

GrandBux Review

GrandBux is a generous PTC which provides huge prizes everyday to its members. It became an easy favorite of many because their Rented Referrals have good click average which is very profitable.The only concern I have is it's "Too Generous". It's not a bad thing, but giving out huge prices everyday will cost them a lot of money which may affect the stability of their business.I wish they can maintain it for a very long time without an issue paying all of their members but I think it won't be possible. Sooner or later they will do drastic change to it.